How to Sharpen Your Gas Hedge Trimmer

How to Sharpen Your Gas Hedge Trimmer

Homeowners could save their aggravation, cash and time by knowing the process of sharpening gas hedge trimmers. Don’t wait until the blade of the trimmers become totally dull and blunt. You should sharpen the blade at least once a month for getting the best result from it. Here are some ideas for you to complete this task properly and take good care of your gas hedge trimmer.

When Your Gas Hedge Trimmer Needs Sharpening

Just like other devices, your gas hedge trimmer could get slow down, rusty or even ineffective to accomplish the task of cutting. After using the trimmer for a long time, it is possible that your trimmer gets jammed or it doesn’t cut the branches quickly. Then you have to understand that it needs sharpening. The problem could arise from different issues though, so you need to check the symptoms carefully in order to solve them. you could sharpen your trimmer with a bit patient effort at home.

Essential Tools and Materials

  • Soft cloth
  • Flat file
  • Water
  • STIHL resin solvent
  • Gloves
  • Safety clothing
  • Safety glasses
  • Screwdriver
  • Linseed oil

How to Align the Lower and Upper Blade?

It is better to wear gloves when you are sharpening. You are dealing with harsh blades thus, it’s good to be careful.

You should start aligning the blades by your hands. Pressing the blades together helps getting them quite closer and it is the right position to do the work. Using a screwdriver as a peer bar, put it between the two blades. The handle of the screwdriver helps damaging the edges and moving the blade at such distance that you could align the blades perfectly.

After that you would find the surfaces that you have to sharpen. For a double sided blade, the number of the surface increases or doubled but the process remains same.

Sharpening The Gas Hedge Trimmer Using a Mill File

  • Remove bolts that clamp the two or three blades together holding into a seat vice.
  • Trip the Mill file on the cutting edge and make sure that you have kept the file at similar positions as your cutting edge.
  • Push the file to the edge and this would help getting the finest cutting edge.
  • Read the manual’s instruction to find the angles and maintain that specific angle when sharpening.
  • You shouldn’t file away over 5 mm. Because it might lose strength and sharp each side of the blades.
  • After filling, take a wet cloth or rag and wipe down the blades.
  • You could run the cutting boundaries against the sheet of a paper if want to test the sharpness. The blade could slice the paper if you have done sharpening correctly.
  • Before reassembling, coat each blades lightly using linseed oil. This would protect them against corrosion and preserve lifespan. Now, your sharpening process is complete.

Sharpening The Trimmer Using a Power Grinder

  • Whenever you are working with a power tool, wear safety glasses and safety gear.
  • Hold the bar of your trimmer with bench-vice so that it couldn’t move when grinding.
  • You would need to ground the surfaces but instead of using a file, you have to use grinder. Maintain the same position and angle. Be careful because the power grinder would work faster than the mill file.
  • Use the same process for each side.
  • Continue doing this for each tooth and bring down to the bar.
  • Do the same process and after finishes all blades, you are done with it.

Sharpening The Gas Hedge Trimmer Using Dremel

A power grinder and Dremel tool are almost same but there are some differences too. The bits of the Dremel are smaller than a grinder. And this could give your blades more precise and smooth movement. Here are the rules of using a Dremel tool.

  • Before starting the process, clean each blades properly so that no grass or stone is left.
  • When preparing the Dremel kit, attach all screws and nuts correctly in the accurate position.
  • The process could arise light sparks that could cause damage. So it is better to wear ear and eye protective gear in order to avoid noise and sparks.
  • To sharp the blades, hold the trimmer tightly as it might move when sharpening.
  • Switch on the gas hedge trimmer and move the Dremel slowly to each side of the blades. You should apply a little pressure to avoid over sharpening and shouldn’t use long strokes. Keep your hands away from the machine.
  • Repeat the same process for each blade and your trimmer would look like as sharp as new.

What Should You Do When Your Trimmer Is Not Cutting Accurately?

  • If the cutting area is uneven and frayed, it indicates that your blades are unsharpened and you have to re-sharpen the blades. Ensure that angle is right.
  • Branches might get caught among the blades of your trimmer and block them. This happens because the upper and lower blade becomes detached. To avoid this, arrange the spacers to be changed.


Here is the complete guide for your sharpening process. Hope that this would help you for your gas hedge trimmer. This is not too tough for anyone but if you know a little about this, you should call for a specialist for sharpening.

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