Electric Chainsaw: An Indispensable Power Tool for DIY Gardening Projects

Electric Chainsaw


Is gardening your hobby? Do you enjoy planting new plants in your backyard, watering them, and pruning the branches old trees?. Apart from planting and nurturing, you also love to do several DIY gardening projects like making a garden mushroom, a squirrel feeder, and a tree bench.

You use several gardening tools, and one of the frequently used tools is a manual saw. You use the tool for different cutting purposes. But do you know an electric chainsaw is more efficient than a manual saw? It is an electric-powered cutting tool which is portable and is quite efficient for pruning and trimming small branches. Loggers use the tool for felling and splitting small trees to make firewood. Another great use of the tool is to clean the landscape around a property.

The Use of Electric Chainsaw

People use an electric chainsaw in dozens of DIY gardening projects. Projects like making a porch swing to pallet wood garden walkway, an electric chainsaw makes woodcutting effortless. There are many models of electric chainsaws in the market. They have a compact design, lightweight, environmentally friendly, convenient, and easy to control. A few of the models come with the auto-lubrication system and ergonomic handles for comfortable gripping. And the most important aspect is they are safe to use. Anyway, are you Looking for the best electric chainsaw to buy to help with those garden DIY project? We know that selecting a quality electric chainsaw is difficult since there are no shortages of power tools in the market.

However, we want to ease your selection process. We have sorted out the ten best electric chainsaws from the market and discussed below briefly. Read the below list, and who knows it might contain your next wood cutting power tool?

Greenworks Electric Chainsaw

This model of electric chainsaw delivers up to 150 cuts per charge. This power tool is lightweight, and the motor runs quietly. The starting procedure of the tool is simple. It is a favorite tool for both professionals and DIYers.

This power tool is powered by an 80V 2Ah Li-Ion battery and comes with a charger. The unit accommodates multiple batteries. The frame of this power tool is made of metal and plastic.


  • The power of the motor is equivalent to 45cc gas-powered engine.
  • Provides 150 cuts per charge
  • Charge up in 30 minutes
  • Lightweight
  • Environment-friendly

Remington Corded Electric Chainsaw

It is a fantastically a lightweight electric chainsaw weighing only six pounds. The compact design tool is suitable for trimming small limbs. The device is powered by an eight amp electric motor, which starts to function with a simple squeeze of the trigger. It features a handguard to protect your hand from flying debris. This model is an out of the box tool-it requires no assembly


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for trimming small branches

Worx Electric Chainsaw

This power tool is equipped with a 14.5-ampere motor that offers consistent durability and performance. The model features a built-in chain to make the device more secure. Two other important features of the unit is an automated oil lubrication mechanism and built-in oil reservoir with oil level indicator


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful motor
  • Auto-greasing system
  • The easy chain replacement process

Makita Electric Chainsaw

The distinguishing feature of this power tool is a large oil reservoir with a view window to facilitate seeing oil level during the operation. The tool comes with a large trigger to start the machine smoothly. The handle of the tool is rubberized and ergonomically designed for comfortable gripping. No tool is required to change the chain of the tool.


  • Lightweight
  • Environment-friendly
  • The power of this tool is equivalent to a gas-powered chainsaw.
  • Big oil reservoir

Black and Decker Cordless Electric Chainsaw

This model of electric chainsaw comes with a 40 V lithium battery, which offers long runtime. The unit has an automated oiling system. This power tool is ideal for trimming branches cleaning and remove fallen stems to clear the landscape, particularly after a thunderstorm. The handle of the tool is fully wrapped that facilitates cutting wood in different angles. Full wrapping also ensures the safety of your hand.


  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Long working time
  • Makes a fast and smooth cut
  • Equipped with an automatic oiling system

Dewalt Electric Chainsaw

This model of an electric chainsaw is powered with a 40V Lithium 4AH battery. The device features an auto-greasing system with a low kickback. The speed of the cutting operation is adjustable with a variable speed trigger.


  • Requires less maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Easy to start and stop the power tool.


Electric chainsaw makes cutting small tree branches effortless. In gardening DIY projects, it is an efficient tool when it comes to cutting wood planks of various dimensions. We discussed some great models of electric chainsaws above. We hope you will find the right model from the list.

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