A Complete Overview of Different Types of Self Propelled Mowers


With the advent of technology, manual reel mowers have been replaced with self-propelled mowers. They have made the tedious task of grooming lawns an easy and quick one. A good quality self-propelled mower comes with the combination of efficient cutting blades and flexible wheels to help the user get a smooth mowing experience. You can save your time and energy as the mowers will run extra miles to keep your garden tidier than ever. So, why wasting time on manual mowers when you have automated types of lawn mowers out there?

Types of Self Propelled Mowers

There are three types of self propelled lawn mowers- Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, and All Wheel Drive. No matter which type of mowers you use, it will make the grass look immaculate all season long. A self propelled mower comes in handy to maintain a healthy lawn with little hassle. Mowers are of two types in terms of the source of power- gas and electric. You can read the reviews of self propelled lawn mower with gas engine to find which one is better among these two. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to know more!

Based on the Wheel Drive

    1. Front-Wheel Drive Mowers

    Front-wheel drive mowers are easily maneuverable as one can efficiently direct the mower by striking its back wheels slightly. If your lawn needs plenty of turns, this type of flexibility will be extremely beneficial. These mowers are the fastest self propelled lawn mower suitable for flat surfaces without any significant slopes. You have to put the front wheels grounded to get the best output.

    The only drawback of these mowers is they are not efficient to cut the grass when moving uphill. The front wheels often bounce up on bumpy terrains, and the mower doesn’t cut well when running on an incline.

    2. Rear-Wheel Drive Mowers 

    You will get a more considerable amount of traction with rear-wheel drive as the wheels remain firmly grounded on the lawn. This extended traction helps a user get precise cuts and fresh look on the garden. A rear self-propelled mowers can even travel smoothly on slopes, inclines and uphill due to the ergonomic design and extra control it offers.

    These mowers are a bit weak in terms of maneuverability. You will find it challenging to make this tool work on a yard where frequent turning is inevitable. You have to adjust the speed and turn this tool manually. The mower gains excess weight on the rear when the bag becomes full with grass resulting in more traction. But you have to push the mower more until the bag becomes almost full.

    3. All-Wheel Drive Mowers

    All-wheel mowers are ideal for hilly and sloped yards. They come with better balance with the help of all the four wheels. The power is equally distributed to the wheels making it easy to mow even in a difficult situation.

    All-wheel drive mowers are more expensive and require greater maintenance than their other counterparts. Like the rear-wheel mowers, they also need to be adjusted and controlled manually to change the speed and turn the drive.

    Based on the Power Source

    1. Gas-Powered Mowers

    Self propelled gas lawn mower runs by using gasoline. They are very effective for large lawn yards as the cordless operation makes it easier to cover more areas. They are more durable and less expensive than electric ones. The bigger engines allow them to cut through thick and tough grasses.

    But, they come in heavyweight and require more maintenance to run flawlessly over time. It is difficult to handle these mowers due to the excess weight and bigger engines. They also contribute to noise and air pollution. Only a few of them conform to the emission regulations set by EPA.

    2. Electric Mowers

    Electric mowers are powered by electricity. They usually have a long cord attached to a nearby power outlet. Some modern versions come with rechargeable or semi-cordless option. Electric mowers produce less noise and don’t emit any smokes or fumes. They are light and easy to operate with self propelled push mower. On top of that, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fuel.

    You spend more while buying an electric mower. These mowers can’t cut thick and rough grasses effortlessly. And, it gets difficult to cover large lawns with these mowers due to the cords plugged into the power source.

    Hope now you have the basic idea on different types of self propelled mowers. Choose the right one as per your needs and budgets. Each type comes with some distinctive features, pros, and cons. You have to make the final call after analyzing each of them minutely. Take help from self propelled lawn mower reviews to make an educated decision while purchasing one, and rock the mowing task!


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